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Vacuum foot
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Designed expressly for use with
the HS-1 and WD-1.  This is a must
have to keep your operation free
from dust when working with
materials like MDF. Mounts in the
two 3/8" holes provided in the X-Z
assembly. Works with any spindle.
Height is adjustable as well. It
accepts 1-1/2" OD hoses and
fittings or 1-3/4" ID hoses and
fittings. Made from 1/2" thick
crystal clear Lexan so you can still
see the cutter and enjoy the show.
Strip brush is replaceable and
easily installed.
$125.00 + 10.00 Shipping
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Purchase alone for WD-1
$125.00 + 10.00 Shipping
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