The HS-1 and WD-1 were built to work optimally with the
time tested and exceptional Mach3 CNC control software
( A free working demo is available from
their website. The demo is limited to 500 lines of
G-code. It supports a generous selection of NIST G-code
commands. We will provide the necessary XML config
file that you drop in to your PC to immediately format the
control. The license to unlock all limitations is just
$159.00 and is available as an option to your Romaxx
package. Mach3 is downloaded from
Add Ryobi Router to Cart
Ryobi Spindle/Router
For those seeking a true ready to run out of the box
experience, Romaxx can also provide a great choice in
spindles. We've worked extensively with the Ryobi
TR45K and found it to be a very solid choice. it's powerful
and reliable with no noticeable run-out of the spindle.
Our CNC machines will work with a variety of router
models, this is just one we feel confident about
recommending and are glad to provide as an upgrade to
the basic package. Don't forget to add the Ryobi Router
Bracket below to secure the unit to the HS-1.
innovation, precision, speed, reliability!
Add Bracket for Ryobi Router to Cart
The Romaxx HS-1
Bracket for Ryobi Router
At Romaxx we can create highly accurate custom
brackets for all models of Router/spindle. This model is
crafted specifically for the above Ryobi TR45K router we
offer as an upgrade to the basic HS-1 CNC package.
RomaxxCNC Home

Let us know which type of router/spindle you plan on
using with your WD-1 or HS-1 and we can custom craft
a precision crafted bracket to hold it securely to the unit
and provide a lifetime of worry-free operation. Custom
brackets are built to specific models and are much
more dependable than any one-size-fits-all brackets.
Don't risk your machine by using an inferior product. Let
Romaxx do all the work!
The Romaxx HS-1
:it's phenomenal, pure and simple.
MPG Installed
MPG stands for Manual Pulse Generator and is
basically an electronic hand-wheel. It's the silver dial
on the front of the machine in the picture to the upper
right. By selecting it's function in Mach3, when the user
rotates the MPG it moves the selected axis. It has 100
detents per revolution and each detent or hash line
equals approximately .001" of linear movement. It is an
asset when referencing the cutter to the work and a
neat way to jog the spindle around.
[see mpg specs below]
MPG Handwheel
Romaxx is also offering the  MPG Handwheel
seperately from our  HS-1 machine if you're interested
in adding it to your own machine or a custom
application. If you're adding the MPG to a new HS-1
basic system, please choose the above option
including installation.
70mm diameter wheel
New Larger platform for
Signmakers and Luthiers!
Standard single end TTL operation.
Available Custom Options:
25 CPR
5vdc, Gnd 0V, A channel, B channel pinouts
Mach3 Software License
30mm clearance behind panel.
Ryobi Spindle/Router
External Input Button
Ryobi Router Bracket
Formerly a valuable custom option on our basic
package, external input buttons controlling "Cycle Start"
and "Feedhold" are now standard on the basic HS-1
and WD-1 models, allowing the PC to be located
remotely. Another feature that makes both of our
machines the most user-friendly, hot-rodded CNC
machines available!
Custom Built Spindle Bracket
Closed Loop System Upgrade
This option adds a level of insurance to the pro-level system with
regard to positioning accuracy and reliability. It includes
incremental rotary encoders for each stepper motor along with
interface board for easy connection to your PC.
Micronor MPG
Stepper driven machines operate in what is referred to as an
open loop configuration. That is to say, a motion command is
executed by the software and the hardware is expected to carry
out that position without checking it. In a closed loop
configuration, the hardware senses position with an encoder and
feeds this data back to the software for verification, thus, closing
the motion loop. Should the physical position get out of synch with
the logical position by a specified amount, it will trigger a software
"Reset". This will prevent further damage to expensive work piece
materials such as Ebony, Teflon plastics, etc
It should be noted that open loop systems can be very consistent
and have been used reliably in industry for many years
External Input Buttons
Add Aluminum Tooling Plate to Cart
Closed Loop System Upgrade
Cast Aluminum Tooling Plate Table
A highly valued addition to our standard setup. In
place of the normal MDF table, a solid aluminum
bed for added functionality and value. Blanchard
ground flat. With .250" reamed holes and 1/4-20
tapped holes on 1.00"X1.00" and 2.00"X 2.00" grid.
Makes setup a breeze. Mount a vise, fixtures, use
toe clamps, bolt workpiece directly to the table,
install dowells for a fence or referenceing
workpieces, etc. We can also supply metric M6-1.0
threaded and 6mm dowell holes in the cast tooling
tables, free of charge.
Cast Aluminum Tooling Plate
Custom spindle bracket
MPG alone
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The WD-1 24X36X8 CNC Machine
click to enlarge
We at Romaxx are proud to release the WD-1 sharing many
of the same fine attributes as the HS-1, rigidity, durability,
ease of use and appearance. However the WD-1 pushes the
envelope a bit further by offering a more spacious work
envelope, almost 3 times more machining area. Over 600
square inches in total. Plus higher precision throughout the
envelope via precision rolled ballscrews on all three axis.
click to enlarge
Base: All 1018 steel mig welded construction, Black oxide finish with electronics mounted securely on drawer in the
cabinet. The table can support a few hundred pounds easily.
click to enlarge
Gantry: All 6061-T6 aluminum construction for lighter weight,
increased strength and speed, Hard gold anodized finish for
durability. All machined components, no bent and drilled parts.
Bridge: 6061-T6 Aluminum Tig welded construction
machined square to very close tolerance.
Linear system: V-rail system designed in house from O-1 tool
steel. The ways are adjustable and provide very stable
precise motion with almost no friction or resisitance. Enabling
the WD1 to attain its very high rapid speeds. Very smooth
Drive system: The WD-1 uses precision ballscrew on all three axis. Each motor is coupled to the screws via
precision timing belt and pulleys, industry standard setup. A notable feature is that the gantry uses two ballscrews
that are "clocked" together to ensure that each leg of the gantry stay in sychonisation throughout the traverse
regardless of the location of the cutting force. Using one largemotor to drive both avoided the troublesome practice of
slaving two smaller motors in the software.
| click here for detailed specs |
Available Options for the WD-1
Included on every
machine 2007
WD-1 CNC Platform
More spindle selections
at bottom of page!!
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Use this option for all
other brackets. Porter
Cable, Bosch, DeWalt,
Mach 3 Software License
Add Mach3 Software to Cart
Click here to go to the "brackets" page.
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