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The Romaxx HS-1
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The Romaxx HS-1
Romaxx CNC Systems is a small
specialized company based out of
Redford Michigan, a suburb just
outside of Detroit. With decades of
experience in the design and
fabrication of tooling and material
handling equipment for the automotive
industry, as well as specific expertise
in the development of
computer-controlled machinery, our
vast knowledge base and attention to
detail is second to none.
Putting our diverse range of
capabilities to work, we are proud to
now offer the
HS-1, our first table
top CNC machine design. And now
WD-1 ballscrew machine. As
you look through the lengthy list of
features and options available,
you'll see just how refined and
well-designed the HS-1 and WD-1
are. At Romaxx, our aim is to create
the fastest, most precise equipment
available today, at prices that put
the other guys to shame. 2007
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