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Exploding On To The Market
Romaxx CNC is proud to present our HS-1
Series and WD-1 Series CNC gantry router
machines. Designed around the software
and performance characteristics of its top
quality electronics, the HS-1 is the perfect
balance of precision, power and speed.

Endless Possibilities
Romaxx is now offering an extensive list of
options available on every CNC gantry router
machine we manufacture. From a bare
bones machine to a hot-rodded monster,
Romaxx has you covered!
Closed Loop Positioning
Cast Aluminum Tooling Plate Table
Ready to Run Complete Packages
NEW! WD-1 24 X 36 CNC Machine
new videos!
Manual Pulse Generator In Stock
Our HS Series and WD Series machine
can now be configured with our new MPG
for added ability and functionality.

For hot off the machine photos and
product info, visit the brand new
RomaxxCNC Message Board 2008
Vacfoot dust collection
Check out our new WD-1 larger platform
ballscrew gantry router  CNC machine.
Perfect for luthiers and signmakers.
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