• Closed Loop performance for all Mach2/3/4 softwares
  • 4 Input/Output connections for Gecko drives
  • Works with Stepper systems w/encoders also
  • 5 multi-purpose inputs for MPG's, probes, external buttons, etc.
  • 4 on-board relays controlled by M-codes in the software rated 125
    VAC and 15 amps. Coupled with Breakout board, provides 8 outputs
    in total.
  • Alerts the operator of positioning errors on each axis.
  • Provides External 5 volt supply for encoders.
  • Provides DRO position of all axises when Mach is in "Reset" for
    manual machining.
  • Works with 2nd parallel port card which can be purchased here and
    included with interface.
  • Cable for 26 pin connector to DB-25 included.
  • Fast, easy installation and software configuration.
  • All setup instructions outlined in PDF manual on "download" page.
  • On a 3 axis system, the 4th axis may be used for an MPG input.
  • Tracks the .001" startup crawl of each axis and allows the user to
    resync this to the machine position. Without the interface, this is
    usually overlooked when axis motors are powered up.
About Encoder Interface:

   Interfaces a second PCI parallel port card from a PC running Mach software with up to 4
individual encoder/Gecko drive inputs. 4 2-channel encoder  inputs in total. The data is
displayed on the "Settings" screen within Mach3. Giving the user, real time data count feedback
from each encoder thereby displaying the actual position of each axis. Used in conjunction with
the available "Rogers" plug-in for Mach3,  which will be included with purchase, will trigger a
software "Reset" alerting that  a count discrepancy has occurred, if position is lost.  No special
screensets for Mach3 are required. Making operation almost seamless with Mach3. A following
error of any size can be set for each axis within the Rogers plug-in.

May also be used as a stand-alone device to accept encoder data and relay it to a PC running
Mach software for use solely as a DRO and for all types of encoder data input with Mach
Which would require, only one PCI parallel port card, Namely, Port 1. Or simply used as 8
general purpose inputs instead of encoder inputs. Inputs such as MPG’s, Probes, OEM triggers
etc.  Plus 4 software controlled on-board solid state relays. Designed to be used in conjunction
with Sound Logic breakout board. Although, can be used with other types of Breakout boards as

Update as of 9-15-05.  Using the encoder, closed loop board on one Bridgeport for five months
and for one month on another. Have not spoiled any work-pieces due to loss of machine
position.  On occasion have over-driven an axis and the interface did its job and halted
everything until the positioning was corrected. Wouldn't assemble a control without one.
Encoder interface information
Update as of 1-11-07. The new Rogers plug-in is now available. If you have purchased an
encoder interface in the past and would like to have it, drop me an email at
rogersmach@yahoo.com  It works alot better than the macropump.