Sound Logic Encoder Interface alone
$159.00 + $9.50 flat rate USPS shipping and handling
                                                        Item # 1002
(The female DB-25 to 26 pin connector  ribbon cable is included)
(A DB-25 male to male cable is also required and sold below)

Mach software license alone, allows full access to all
features, updates and present versions including Lathe
and Plasma                 $159.00 US                      Item # 1000
(Your license registration will be Emailed to you and available to you at
any point in the future)  
(Download Mach2/3)

DB-25 male to male parallel port cable 6 ft long.
Required to connect ribbon cable from Interface to
second parallel port.  Hard to find item at local stores.
$14.50 + $7.00 Shipping and handling             Item # 1004
(May be purchased below with Interface at a great combo price)
Click here for pics of cable and more info

PCI parallel port card. Installs in any open PCI slot of
your PC's motherboard for 2nd port. Requried for
communication between interface and Mach software.
$19.50 + $7.50 Shipping and Handling             Item # 1006
(May be purchased below with interface at a great combo price)
Click here for pics of parallel port card

Special Combo deal!!
Buy it all together and save on shipping, everything you
need delivered to your door. Includes the interface,
parallel port card and DB25 M2M cable.
84.50 + $11.50 Shipping and handling           Item # 1010

International Shipping:
Encoder interface board w/international shipping
$159.00 + $30.00 International shipping.  5-10 days to the
UK. ---------------------------------------------------------------------->

Special Combo with international shipping
$184.50 + $20.00 5-10 days to the UK-------------------------->
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Encoder Interface
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