Manual for Encoder interface download (individual pages)

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The encoder manual in one file instead of individual pages

Enc002.set   <Old style screenset for encoder interface

Build7.set  New style screenset

Mach3bmpaddons  <Bmp's associated with screensets above

Encoder hole dimensions in DXF format
Picture of proper jumper config for 220 volt operation

Picture showing orientation of charge pump jumper on J9 when selected

Screensets: Just copy and paste into Mach3 Main folder. With Mach open select
"view" "load screens" then select one of the screensets to use.

Bitmaps:  Must be installed in "Bitmaps/Mach3mill" subfolder
The "Rogers plug-in" will be emailed with the purchase of the encoder
interface.  Please let us know if you need it and we will send it to you.

Some applications do not require it. As with using the interface for general

The screensets and BMP's above are for customers that wish to continue
using the macropump. None of these are required with the new plug-in.
Encoder interface Downloads